• Driving Corporate Climate Action

    in India

About CCAC

The CII Climate Action Charter (CCAC) will provide a platform for Indian businesses to map Climate Change as a material risk across value chains and develop long-term actions to build resilience. This platform will facilitate businesses to lead their sectoral climate actions and showcase best practices for addressing climate risks

The CII Climate Action Charter (CCAC) has been designed to provide impetus for collective action by Indian businesses to drive solutions for a just, equitable and resilient transition. CCAC will provide a platform for Indian businesses to map climate change as a material risk and develop actions to build sustainable and resilient businesses, thus ensuring long-term competitiveness

Charter Principles

CCAC is based on the four principles which will support businesses in addressing climate change risks in their operations. The principles are based on four critical areas.

GHG Emission Reductions

Develop measurable short term (5 years) and long term targets for GHG emission reduction

Transition in value chain

Support value chain in climate transition

Building Resilience

Build resilience for future climate change impacts

Mobilizing Green Finance

Accelerate green finance for climate transition

Process for joining Charter

  • Commitment on Principles

    CEO/ MD of the company to sign on the Charter Principles

  • Business Climate Action

    Share company's short term and long-term climate commitment Report annually on the progress made towards the commitments

  • Modify Commitment

    Modify your commitment based on sectoral approaches and value chain vulnerability

  • Support Value Chain

    Support your value chain in mitigating climate risk by developing climate actions assess value chain vulnerability based on CCAC maturity model